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We’re a professional and multidisciplinary group with experience in education, human development, wellbeing, art and culture.
We’re committed to the sensitization and deepening of the links between the ocean, water and the human being, looking to widen the vision and understanding we have about this connection.
We organize EXPERIENTIAL ocean literacy encounters and projects, aimed towards general audiences, institutions and organizations. 

CetHums greeting delivered by Down syndrome children.


To create, manage and articulate projects that include a new view of the ocean in people’s lives, through a multidisciplinary approach that integrates art in all its forms, education, science, wellbeing, human development and technology, looking to put together current and new generations, water and nature.


A society that lives and acts in integration and harmony with the ocean.

  • The 7 essential Principles of «OCEAN LITERACY», whose essence means: «Understand the influence that the OCEAN has on the human being and the HUMAN BEING has on the ocean. Today in charge of IOC_ UNESCO.
  • Blue Mind: Science that studies the physiological, mental and emotional changes that occur when we’re in touch with water. Currently lead by the marine biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, PhD.
  • Oceanasophia: New teaching concept that promotes learning about the ocean world and its sounds through ART and body MOVEMENT, facilitating a deep understanding and metalearning of the ocean. Created by Dinorah Lares Bigott, spread and applied by CetHums School.
  • Blue Health 2020: Team of researchers from the Environmental and Human Health European Center in Exeter, United Kingdom, who explore the health and wellbeing benefits in the interaction with natural marine environments or blue spaces.

This project comes to life in South America, in Caracas, Venezuela, as INICIATIVA  a cultural, artistic and scientific initiative based on the friendship between human beings and cetaceans.

The artistic concept «CETOGRAM» inspired by the Cetacean Song is created.

The «ART of the CETOGRAMS» is promoted as a resource to provide experiences of a OCEAN CONNECTION.

Countries: Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and the United States.

CetHums is constituted as  an organization in Chile.

The connection «OCEAN AND HUMAN BEING» is promoted as an educational medium.

«WHALES & DOLPHINS» as the central content of the project.

The Oceanic Learning Spaces are created: «CetHums Mat & Bioceanic City».

Participation in recreational program for children in JUNAEB, which is part of the Ministry of Education in Chile.

We create a new area of capacitation, and an collaborative learning space related with Air.

We participate in the first national pilot of the After School Program in Chile. Comuna of Peñalolén.

We participate in events and congresses of private and public institutions in Chile, Venezuela and Argentina, looking to contribute in the “Ecologizing of Education”

We drive in Chile the methodology of constructive and cooperative self-learning, by Prof. Sugata Mitra sponsored by the Embassy of India and UNESCO. With their help,

we organized a Seminary of education and practical experiences experiences in public and private schools, related with “Self Organized Learning Environment” (SOLE).

We promote new areas of experience with ocean connection in the prenatal and wellbeing field.

We capacitate professionals of Chile Crece Contigo, Región Bio Bio, Chile.

Blue workshops Blue workshops “The ocean, our wellbeing began ”

1eros. workshops azules «..«.

Se impulsa nueva área de capacitación azul «We make the first Interactive Expo in Caracas, Venezuela.«.

Arte en Caracas, Venezuela.

CetHums participates in school initiatives and events in Chile.

We participate in webs of cooperation that promote ocean literacy.

We capacitate professionals in the field of education, culture and wellbeing.


We participate as speakers a Seminary in the Seminary of Education in Chile and in the International Congress of Ecopsychology is Spain.

We make a tour of talks and blue workshops in some cities in Spain.

Escuela humana oceánica

We start online and face-to-face blue encounters

Oceanasophia is born

In 2021 and 2022, CetHums participates in the Festival of the Ocean, ARONA S.O.S ATLÁNTICO, Tenerife, España.

Director and Founder

Dinorah Lares Bigott | Ver biografía
Bachelor degree in International Studies. Dedicated to the oceanic development of the Human Being in the field of the education & wellness. Author of the Art of the Cetograms, Oceanasophia & the City Bioceanic (interactive learning Space).

  • Thanks a co-founders
    Thank you for joining us and supporting us in our beginnings: 

    Venezuela: Adelina Saratowicz, Fanny Hadjis, María Eva Rojas, Lilian Zua Zua, Jaime Bolaños, José Aguero, Marino, Miriam Lares y Ana María Torrealba.

    Chile: Paolo Simonetti, María Luz Pereira, María Angélica Soto, Luis Suárez y Jean Claude Loustau

  • Agradecimientos
    Agradecimiento por su consultoría y/o apoyo

    Viola Soto Guzmán, Julia Romeo Cardone, Cecilia Marambio, Juan Riquelme, Sugata Mitra, Pradeep Kumar Kapur, Alfredo Rojas, Eugenio Severin y César Villaroel.

    Agradecimiento por su apoyo en área gráfica, audiovisual y musical

    Jorge Herrera, Lucas Simonetti, Gonzalo Barrera, Ricardo Sovino, Daniela Saldaña y Daniel Cortés.

CetHums Team

Mariela Sovino, Biologist and Teacher

Claudia Valenzuela, Early Childhood Teacher

Carmen Elena Lares, Occupational Therapist

Álvaro Adrovez, Bachelor degree in Integrative Health

Catalina Cruzat, Actress and body therapist

Valeria Fernandes, CetHums in Brasil

Idilia Basáez, Computer Engineer

Jean Claude Loustau, Digital Marketing


Macarena LaPuerta, Biologist and expert in psychoeducational intervention

Pia Calderón, Psychologist